This blog documents an important aspect of my learning journey whilst undertaking the Masters in Education (Teacher Librarian) course with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Specifically, it details my experiences of a ‘learning in action’ project throughout the course CLN650 Information Learning Nexus. This course required me to investigate inquiry based learning as a pedagogy and explore the various models that exist, with particular focus on the Information Search Process (ISP) proposed by Kuhlthau et al (2007) in Learning in the 21st Century (Figure 1). I was then required to apply my learning and reflect on what worked and/or what didn’t, and recommend how I might better design my teaching practices to embed inquiry based learning as a pedagogy into the future as a Teacher Librarian.

Figure 1. Kuhlthau’s ISP (2007, p.19)
isp_chart(Source: http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/~kuhlthau/information_search_process.htm)

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  1. Like your introduction page. It’s attractive and inviting, easy to read and explains the task we have been set. Well done.

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